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Cannabis Detox

Excel Treatment Center can help you break the cycle of cannabis use while addressing the underlying causes that led to you developing a dependance.

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Our Detox Programs

Cannabis Detox

At Excel Treatment Centers, our addictions experts have the knowledge and experience to identify the issues related to cannabis use and work with you to make a plan for recovery. Next to alcohol, cannabis it is the most commonly used drug in the United States. For many it is difficult to recognize when they have a problem.

Even though it is legal in several states, and is a drug widely accepted in some parts of pop-culture, marijuana use can have many adverse side-effects. Tobacco, alcohol, and prescription painkillers are all legal but can pose serious health risks – and cannabis is no different. It has been linked to mental illness, and many people have found themselves addicted.

How we can help you

The Excel Approach to Cannabis

At Excel, we offer high-quality medical and psychiatric care for those experiencing cannabis addiction. We take a compassionate approach – we know that no two people’s stories are the same. As such, we tailor our treatment programs to meet our clients exact needs.

We appreciate that there is lots of false information about the safety of cannabis, and we understand that cannabis addiction can be severe. Despite this, with the right support, it is possible to recover. This starts with a professional detox and is supported throughout by our program of recovery.

What We Offer

Our Detox Programs

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Cannabis Detox

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What Is Cannabis?

Cannabis is a plant which is primarily smoked for its narcotic effects. It usually resembles dried green plant matter and has a very distinctive smell. It is also consumed in cannabis-infused foodstuffs, such as cookies and candy, known as edibles.

Due to its wide availability, people are smoking cannabis earlier and earlier in their lives. This is worrying, as exposure to drugs as a teen dramatically increases the risk of addiction later in life.


Stories of Hope

For over a decade, Excel Treatment Center has been helping those struggling with substance abuse on their path to long-term healing. Don't take our word for it. Check out our client testimonials.

Excel treatment has changed my life! The staff starting from the intake process, to all the clinicians are amazing! I really enjoy that. Most of the staff are in recovery and relate to me I have been shown so much support, understanding, and accommodation above and beyond!

Shannon R.


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We work with many insurance providers in the U.S. to help you minimize out of pocket expenses and get better faster. Please call us today to find out more.


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What happens when you're addicted

Effects of Cannabis Use

Short Term Effects

The effects of cannabis can vary from person to person. While one person may not experience any negative effects, another person will.

Some of the common effects are:

Long Term Effects

Cannabis is many times more potent now than it was twenty years ago. As yet, there hasn’t been the opportunity to study the long-term effects of modern, super-strength cannabis on people’s brains.

However, researchers have found that long-term use of marijuana can cause: