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Excel Treatment Center has grown into one of the most successful substance abuse outpatient treatment facilities


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    The Excel Treatment Center was founded to assist in the long-term, sustainable recovery of those suffering from substance use disorders, mental health conditions, and alcohol use disorder. We understand what it’s like to live with these disorders, and we treat every patient with compassion, love, and respect.

    Our mission is to provide exceptional outpatient substance abuse treatment by offering outstanding clinical services, psychiatric treatment options, and family support choices. We seek to succeed on our mission with each and every patient, by immersing them in the amazing recovery community here at the Excel Treatment Center. We all share a common goal here – and that’s to Excel in Life.


    We work every day with young and mid-life adults and their families to rebuild and regain their lives. Our programs are proven with a high success rate. We aim to beat addiction one day at a time. Take the first step to recovery.

    We recognize that each person has a unique set of needs. Our team of specialists in clinical care will work closely with you to create a personalized treatment plan with various services to meet your requirements.

    We are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer to your questions. Our team is here to help. Please call us to speak with a specialist for admissions, learn more about our programs, or request more information at (973) 989-7500.

    We here at the Excel Treatment Center are all united by a shared passion and understanding of the recovery community. There is no place for discrimination, judgment, or any sort of intolerance in our facilities. In order to make our patients feel comfortable, we ensure that the atmosphere we create radiates positivity each day.








    By using these core values in our line of work every day, we are able to see the difference. We work hands-on with patients and recognize the tremendous impact we can make on their lives. Rather than take that opportunity for granted, we seek to make serious, lasting change in each and every patient. Using personalized care plans that are uniquely designed to meet the requirements of each patient, we work with patients daily to see their incremental developments, in hopes that we can all celebrate milestones related to significant progress. We are in the business of helping people, and it shows.

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    Beyond typical outpatient care options, we also offer other continuing care, such as our premium sober living facilities. The Milestone House boasts several different housing options, from shared accommodation to private apartments. For those who are struggling with the concept of returning back to a normal life, sober living facilities can help ease the transition from rehabilitation back to a life full of responsibilities.

    There is a strict rule in the Milestone House that drugs and alcohol are not permitted. Many people recovering from a substance use disorder, a mental health condition, or alcohol use disorder will find it daunting to be left alone with thoughts of relapse in their minds.

    Sober living facilities are able to provide a positive environment of like-minded individuals that help to keep each other accountable. There are additional rules in the Milestone House such as curfew and compulsory check-in meetings where attendance is taken to ensure that all residents are participating.

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    At Excel, the client is a partner in treatment every step of the way. Clients work hand in hand with our multi-disciplinary team to develop a treatment plan that will work best for them.

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    We’re here to help – 973-989-7500

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    We are all familiar with the story of the Hero within our modern stories. The hero who goes on an adventure, is victorious in crisis and comes home transformed. You are the hero within your life. This is your story. And we, at The Excel Center want to guide you through the rest of your journey to ensure you reach home safely.

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    The Excel Team

    Our staff includes Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW), Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC), Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselors (LCADC), and board-certified Advanced Practice Nurses (APN). We incorporate holistic practices into our treatment plans, including yoga, meditation and horticultural therapy.

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    Our Center

    We provide our clients with a highly personalized level of care to empower them for a sustained and successful recovery. We recognize the importance of crafting a treatment plan that works for each client’s unique needs. We facilitate comfortable and sustainable recovery from our safe and positive environment.

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