Telehealth is a useful tool in continuing the recovery process from mental health disorders, a substance use disorder, or alcohol use disorder.

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Re-Energizing Telehealth

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have re-energized our already popular Telehealth services. We adapted and updated our service model to align with the global effort of providing quality care without in person visits minimizing the number of non-essential visits to hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities. Telehealth is not just healthcare provided over the phone, but the use of virtual technology and electronic communications in place of, or in addition to, traditional healthcare services.

In a rehabilitation setting, telehealth can be extremely useful, and prove to be an excellent alternative to in person meetings for those with a busy schedule, for anyone worried about discretion, as well as those suffering from anxiety who would be more comfortable at home.

Telehealth is a useful tool in continuing the recovery process from mental health disorders, a substance use disorder, or alcohol use disorder. With the guidelines and restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic constantly changing, telehealth gives clients comfort in knowing that their health services will not be affected by updated restrictions.

Understanding Virtual Treatment

Who Are Telehealth Services Suitable For?

People who may benefit from telehealth services:

Are too busy

They might maintain steady employment, or have children, or have additional responsibilities that result in them having limitations to their time, their means, or their inclination to commute to in person healthcare services.

Value convenience

Telehealth is designed to allow people to receive the treatment they deserve from the comfort of their own homes. Help is only as far as the click of a button or the touch of a screen.

Value their recovery

Whether it’s an issue of mental health, substance use disorder, or alcohol use disorder, those who use telehealth must be willing to make the effort to propel their recovery journey forwards.

Have completed some level of in-person treatment
Although this is not a prerequisite, it helps to have received in person treatment, specifically with problems related to addiction. It is recommended to use telehealth as a next step in the ongoing recovery process, as a means of continuing rehabilitation without in-person meetings.

What We Offer

Our Treatment Programs

Withdrawal Management

We offer a variety of options for those in need of medically-supervised withdrawal management including inpatient detox.

Inpatient Rehab

If you are looking for an inpatient rehab in New Jersey, Excel Treatment Center can help with our trusted options.

Partial Hospitalization

Our partial hospitalization program in New Jersey offers you the best parts of inpatient treatment without the stay.

Intensive Outpatient

The IOP program in New Jersey at Excel provides flexibility and accessibility when seeking treatment.


Our outpatient rehab in New Jersey is here to help you on your journey to long-term recovery from addiction.

Aftercare & Alumni

From lifetime aftercare to our monthly alumni events, once you are a part of our family, we are with you for life.


Online Assessments

Much like with in-person care, prior to crafting a treatment plan, clients need to undergo a full assessment of their physical and mental health, as well as their history, if any, with substance use disorder, mental health disorders, or alcohol use disorder. A licensed healthcare professional will be able to, after an assessment, recommend the treatment options that are suitable for the client in question.

Not only are clients able to choose from a wide variety of options, but they can have a say in the treatment that they receive and choose several types that work in harmony.


Stories of Hope

For over a decade, Excel Treatment Center has been helping those struggling with substance abuse on their path to long-term healing. Don't take our word for it. Check out our client testimonials.

Excel treatment has changed my life! The staff starting from the intake process, to all the clinicians are amazing! I really enjoy that. Most of the staff are in recovery and relate to me I have been shown so much support, understanding, and accommodation above and beyond!

Shannon R.


We Work With Most Insurance

We work with many insurance providers in the U.S. to help you minimize out of pocket expenses and get better faster. Please call us today to find out more.

Virtual Treatment at Excel Treatment Center

What to Expect from Online Therapy in New Jersey?

Our online services are host to a wide range of therapies as well as helpful information and resources. These offerings can decrease time spent traveling to and from appointments and allow clients to feel at their most comfortable.

Some of the therapy options offered online include:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy, also referred to as CBT, is a one on one therapy technique that involves regular sessions with a healthcare professional. The goal of cognitive behavioral therapy can vary depending on the situation however through exploring thoughts, feelings and actions, underlying conflicts and triggers will arise and be worked through together. This method of therapy can be practiced virtually just as effectively as in person through video conferencing.

Mindfulness & Meditation

Mindfulness and meditation therapy is becoming increasingly popular in the United States as its far reaching benefits on both body and mind are evidenced. Mindfulness and meditation is an effective treatment for addiction as it increases awareness of the Self allowing the individual to become grounded, resilient and empowered.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy has only recently gained recognition by the medical community in the United States for its health benefits. Yoga increases your strength and mobility, the deep breathing exercises relax and release tension and the practice of mindfulness throughout improves body awareness. Yoga therapists can easily facilitate engaging and interaction therapy sessions online.

Call (833) 883-9235 and talk to an expert to learn more about medically assisted detox, one-on-one therapy, family support, and relapse prevention programs.

DON'T Let anything stop you from getting help

Why Choose the NJ Virtual Telemedicine Treatment Program at Excel

Telehealth is a useful tool in assisting with the recovery process and is likely to remain a preferred method of treatment for a number of clients even after the COVID-19 pandemic has subsided. While the pandemic is still underway, clients can find solace in knowing that their services will go unaffected no matter the new guidelines and restrictions implemented by the government.

Telehealth provides safe, effective, and discreet treatment to clients who are looking to continue their rehabilitation journey from the comfort of their own home.