Hundreds of happy clients have been a part of our community over the years, with research showing that remaining involved in a recovery centered community is linked to improved chances of a sustained recovery.


Suburban Sadhu | Addiction to Recovery to Spirituality

Join us for a weekend of talks with Drew Assini. Saturday, April 22nd at 7 PM for a recovery talk, and Sunday, April 23rd at 2 PM for a Spirituality talk. Both events held at the Excel Treatment Center 58 N Sussex St. Dover, NJ 07801. Please use the rear entrance.

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Can I Keep My Job and Go to Day Treatment?

Realizing that you might need treatment for your addiction is a huge step in the right direction. However, many fear their life will change when they take that first step, including potentially losing their job. This is a valid concern; however, at Excel Treatment Center, we want you to know that you have options.

How Can I Support a Loved One Struggling With Addition?

Addiction not only affects those struggling with the addiction but also affects the friends and family around them. It can be just as challenging to support them as it is to watch them in active addiction. Learning to create a loving, supportive space without enabling can be difficult, but it is crucial to develop this space to help your loved ones through their recovery.


The Importance of Family Participation During Treatment

Addiction is a disease that affects the whole family. Family members often feel the impact of addiction in a very real way, which can lead to feelings of anger, resentment, and frustration. While these emotions are natural, they can also be detrimental to one’s treatment if left unchecked.

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