Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Union County, NJ

According to the Union County Prosecutor’s Office, in 2018, Union County officers reported using naloxone 307 times compared to 180 times in 2017 and 161 times in 2016 the number of times police have administered the lifesaving overdose reversal drug in 2018 almost doubled the amount used in the previous two years.

The community of Union County, NJ, is struggling with issues due to an increase in drug and alcohol addiction in the county.

According to the Union County Prosecutor’s Office, in 2018, Union County officers reported using naloxone 307 times compared to 180 times in 2017 and 161 times in 2016 the number of times police have administered the lifesaving overdose reversal drug in 2018 almost doubled the amount used in the previous two years.

The Office of the New Jersey Coordinator for Addiction Responses and Enforcement Strategies, also reports an increase in the number of drug related fatalities in the past three years.

These statistics show that there is a need for a professional addiction treatment facility in the area. At Excel Treatment Center we can provide assistance for safe, effective recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

Help us help the local community of Union County, NJ. If you, or someone you care about is suffering due to drug addiction, contact us today.

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Why choose a professional addiction treatment center?

The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence – New Jersey (NCADD-NJ) Care Reform Series states that “combining medical care with environmental and lifestyle changes leads to the best chance of sustained health for patients.”

When you become addicted to a substance, it takes control of your life, mentally and physically. It can feel like it is impossible to stop using. Quitting alone can be extremely difficult due to environmental pressures and the damaging effects of withdrawal. This forces many people to continue the abuse.

At a professional drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility like Excel, you will get the expert help you need to break the cycle successfully so you can take back control.

Getting professional help is the most effective way to get clean and maintain sobriety in a safe, intimate environment. You will receive an individualized treatment plan that suits your lifestyle and personal circumstances. At Excel, our Clinical staff are trained in substance abuse, social work, and professional counseling services to provide the help you, or your loved ones, need.

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Do you need a drug addiction treatment facility near Union County, NJ?

At Excel drug and alcohol addiction treatment center we are here to change lives.

It can be difficult to admit that you are struggling, but help is only a phone call away.

No matter how serious you feel your individual problem might be, it’s never too late to change. We will work with you every step of the way and provide you with the tools and skills you need to maintain your recovery process.

We aim to assist you to get clean and sober and stay that way.

We offer help and support for drug and alcohol addiction for:

  • Individuals
  • Friends/Family
  • Employers/Co-workers

Watching someone you care about suffer due to addiction can be devastating but you do not need to go through it alone.

Our passionate and non-judgmental team members are dedicated to helping families communicate and provide support for our clients and their loved ones.

We can offer advice for family members and friends and provide family and group therapy sessions to help maintain healthy relationships.

Do you have an employee who has an issue with drug or alcohol addiction near Union County, NJ? It is possible for you to assist them to get their lives back on track. Many bosses ignore any alcohol or drug abuse they may know about until it is too late. Ignoring something like drug and alcohol addiction could end up fatal.

At Excel, we pride ourselves on rehabilitation treatment that can transform an employee who is struggling into a productive and happy worker that is part of the team.

Find out more today by getting in contact with a specialist team member.

What services does Excel Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center offer?

  • Substance Abuse Evaluation
  • Adult Intensive Outpatient Programs
  • Relapse Prevention Groups
  • Second Opinion Evaluations for DUI & DWI
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Specialized Substance Abuse Groups
  • Psycho-educational and Holistic Groups
  • Urine Drug Screens
  • Medication Management
  • Vivitrol (Nalexone) Injections

Find Out More

If you or your loved one is in Union County, NJ and you would like to experience holistic practices including meditation, yoga, and horticultural therapy as part of your treatment then give us a call today.

Addiction and depression

A number of people think depression is not a genuine health condition but this is wrong – depression is a real illness with real symptoms.

When you are depressed you feel persistently sad for weeks or months, rather than just a few days. But with the right treatment and support, most people with depression can make a full recovery.

Drug and alcohol addiction and depression have been found to be linked in many people who abuse drugs, especially heroin and fentanyl.

If you live in Union County, NJ, and need help for any of these issues, give us a call today and we will help you get started on a treatment program that will change your life.

Take a step towards a brighter future.

If you need to talk to someone about drug and alcohol addiction, at Excel Treatment Center, we are here for you.

Help Is Available

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Every call is confidential. We are not here to make any judgments but rather are here to assist our clients to get results and take charge of their lives. We will not discuss any matters with any third party.

Callback: Arrange for Excel’s expert addiction therapists to call you back to offer free advice and help. You are not under any obligation to use our services.

NA/AA Meetings nearby:

The Union County Substance Use Needs Questionnaire identified Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)/ Narcotics Anonymous (NA) groups, family members, education, and transportation as the most helpful forms of recovery support.


Roselle Park

Friday Nite Alive
8:00 PM – 9:30 PM
Meeting ID 614 650 529, Dial In 929-205-6099


Midday Matinee
12:15 PM – 1:15 PM
St. John’s Lutheran Church
587 Springfield Ave.
In courtyard, weather permitting


Ray Of Hope
8:00 PM – 9:30 PM
Trinity Covenant Church
343 East Cedar Street
Masks required



A.A. Intergroup Of Northern New Jersey
2400 Morris Avenue
Union NJ Telephone: (908) 687-8566


About Union County NJ

New Jersey’s seventh largest county in population, Union County is directly connected to New York via the Goethal’s Bridge. Home to one of the nation’s largest container ports/Maritime facilities Union County is a bustling hub that has some of the nation’s best suburbs and significant urban centers. Union County is steeped in history with roots as far back as the Revolutionary War and the founding of America itself. Union County might be New Jersey’s third most densely populated County, but it’s open spaces are absolutely spectacular. Large County park areas which also include several Olmstead parks is just the beginning, the county also boasts being the home of the expansive Watchung Reservation. This gorgeous area of outstanding natural beauty encompasses the upper valley of Blue Brook, between the ridges of both the First and Second Wachtung Mountains. Lake Surprise was create by damming the creek and provides cool waters and delightful reflections.

Getting to and from Union County is a cinch. It has quick access to one of the world’s busiest airports, Liberty International Airport, NJ Transit, and many of the nation’s most traveled roadways including the New Jersey Turnpike, Garden State Parkway, Routes 1&9, 78 and 22.

If you live in Union County, NJ, or are looking for a drug rehab facility in the area, contact the Excel Treatment Center for more information.