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Benzodiazepines give an intoxicating effect and are frequently abused, and are also highly physically addictive, which means that stopping them can require medical attention. Excel can help you overcome your addiction.

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Benzodiazepine Addiction

Benzodiazepines are sedative drugs and are a Schedule IV controlled substance. They slow down the body and are commonly prescribed for anxiety and sleeping issues. Benzodiazepines give an intoxicating effect and are frequently abused, and are also highly physically addictive, which means that stopping them can require medical attention.

Despite their dangers, benzodiazepines are a widely used drug in America. There are an estimated 4 million daily users in the United States. Research published in Current Opinion in Psychiatry suggests that many of these people are addicted. Benzodiazepine addiction can arise from using pills purchased on the black market, as well as having them prescribed by a doctor.

At the Excel Center, we understand addiction. We know that it is often a symptom of a deeper problem and being addicted to substances is not a moral failing – it just means that you are someone who needs some help. We are highly experienced in dealing with benzodiazepine addiction, and support is available at Excel Treatment Center for anyone struggling.


Our New Jersey Alcohol Rehab Treatment options

Alcohol addiction impacts our lives in various ways. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, alcohol abuse can lead to:

At Excel Treatment Center, we provide compassionate and practical support, and focus is placed on achievable recovery goals, including:

Committing to recovery is a big step, and is by no means easy, but can be made far more manageable with the right care and support. Our focus is on helping you or your loved one achieve these recovery goals and more.

Alcoholism is a difficult condition for those directly and indirectly affected. However, it can be overcome with effective treatment, and people can ultimately go on to live a happier, healthier life.

How they work

What Exactly are Benzodiazepines?

There are many different types of benzodiazepines. Some of the most commonly prescribed are:

Although they may have slightly different effects and are prescribed for various conditions, the common result is a sense of calm upon taking them.

Benzodiazepines work by increasing the effect of a brain chemical called GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid). This reduces brain activity in the areas responsible for rational thought, memory, emotions, and breathing, which leads to a sense of relaxation and decreased anxiety.

However, the body quickly builds up a tolerance to benzodiazepines, which means that more and more are needed to feel the same effect. They are physically addictive, and as such, are dangerous when abused.


Stories of Hope

For over a decade, Excel Treatment Center has been helping those struggling with substance abuse on their path to long-term healing. Don't take our word for it. Check out our client testimonials.

Excel treatment has changed my life! The staff starting from the intake process, to all the clinicians are amazing! I really enjoy that. Most of the staff are in recovery and relate to me I have been shown so much support, understanding, and accommodation above and beyond!

Shannon R.


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