Although benzodiazepine addiction is a serious issue, it is a treatable condition. At Excel, our clients undergo a thorough assessment to make sure the treatment we recommend meets their unique requirements. We offer various outpatient care programs that aim to treat the root cause of the addiction holistically. This means that we always consider the bigger picture and address all areas of our client’s substance use.

The first step in Excel’s treatment program will be a comprehensive assessment led by one of our addiction and mental health experts. During this initial assessment, clients will be asked about their drug use, medical history, family and living and environment, and mental health. This gives our team valuable insight into the client’s life. This is an important step because if another disorder is present, treatment plans must be tailored accordingly.

With this information, our medical team can safely recommend the appropriate treatments to maximize effectiveness and allow clients to move through detox and withdrawal as comfortably as possible. This information also allows us to recommend the most relevant and effective therapeutic modalities for clients’ specific needs. Should another treatment center be better suited to provide care, we will contact them and arrange a prompt appointment.