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Outpatient care allows you to continue with your day to day activities, living at your own home, attending the center for regular treatment.

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Our Treatment Options

New Jersey Outpatient Rehab Program

Excel Center takes great care to recommend the appropriate level of service for each client. Our outpatient programs are more flexible than the intensive outpatient care programs. Clients will already have detoxed and made significant progress with their recovery either in residential care or as an intensive outpatient rehab in NJ. New Jersey outpatient rehab care allows you to continue your day-to-day activities, living at your home and attending the center for regular treatment. Treatment usually takes place once a week, typically for one-hour sessions at a time that suits them. Outpatient programs help deliver a multifaceted, bespoke approach to ongoing recovery treatment options designed with the client in mind.

Understanding Intensive Outpatient

How Can an Outpatient Program Help Me Recover?

There are five stages of recovery that individuals typically go through when making positive changes in their lives:

  1. Pre-contemplation: This stage is characterized by a lack of awareness or acknowledgment of the need for change. People in this stage may not see any issues with their current behavior or may feel resistant to making any changes.
  2. Contemplation: In this stage, individuals begin to recognize the need for change and start considering the pros and cons of making that change. They may be weighing the benefits of change against the challenges and uncertainties that come with it.
  3. Preparation: During the preparation stage, individuals actively plan and prepare themselves to take action. They may gather information, seek support, and set specific goals to help them move forward.
  4. Action: This is the stage where individuals take concrete steps toward making the desired changes. They may implement new strategies, adopt healthier behaviors, or seek professional help to support their progress.
  5. Maintenance: Once individuals have successfully made the desired changes, the maintenance stage focuses on sustaining those changes over the long term. This stage requires ongoing effort, commitment, and the development of healthy habits to prevent relapse.

By understanding these five stages, individuals can better navigate their recovery journey and increase their chances of long-term success. They can also empower themselves to ask for help and develop a supportive network of people who understand and believe in them. With the right resources and support system, recovery is possible.

What We Offer

Our Treatment Programs

Withdrawal Management

We offer a variety of options for those in need of medically-supervised withdrawal management including inpatient detox.

Inpatient Rehab

If you are looking for an inpatient rehab in New Jersey, Excel Treatment Center can help with our trusted options.

Partial Hospitalization

Our partial hospitalization program in New Jersey offers you the best parts of inpatient treatment without the stay.

Intensive Outpatient

The IOP program in New Jersey at Excel provides flexibility and accessibility when seeking treatment.


Our outpatient rehab in New Jersey is here to help you on your journey to long-term recovery from addiction.

Aftercare & Alumni

From lifetime aftercare to our monthly alumni events, once you are a part of our family, we are with you for life.


What to Expect from an Outpatient Rehab Program in New Jersey

Outpatient programs are designed for those who are between the fourth and fifth stages. These programs assist with clients’ reintegration into society and help maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle. By remaining engaged in the therapeutic process while still attending to your day-to-day responsibilities, you will learn, with support, how to overcome life’s hurdles. Outpatient programs foster a positive environment for skillful interactions and can lead to lasting bonds that help people hold each other accountable for their recovery goals. The friendships made in outpatient programs can be a pillar of support that lasts a lifetime.

Our outpatient programs are designed to accommodate the needs of the client, whether that be scheduling around employment, appointments, assisting with transport, or providing childcare. Without the need for round-the-clock support staff or live-in care, outpatient programs provide the perfect opportunity for those who are keen to be active in the recovery community and continue their journey.

Everyone’s journey to recovery looks different. Some individuals may move quickly through each stage, while others may take more time and effort. It’s important to be patient with yourself during this process and recognize that progress takes time. If you feel like you’re stuck in a certain stage, don’t hesitate to reach out for help. Support from friends, family, or mental health professionals can be essential for moving forward.

No matter where you are on your recovery journey, it is important to practice self-care. Taking breaks when needed, engaging in activities that bring you joy, and maintaining a healthy diet are all important for keeping your mental and physical health in check. Additionally, creating a daily routine to help ground yourself can go a long way in managing stress levels and reducing anxiety. Recovery is possible with the right support system, like our team at Excel, and self-care practices.


Stories of Hope

For over a decade, Excel Treatment Center has been helping those struggling with substance abuse on their path to long-term healing. Don't take our word for it. Check out our client testimonials.

Excel treatment has changed my life! The staff starting from the intake process, to all the clinicians are amazing! I really enjoy that. Most of the staff are in recovery and relate to me I have been shown so much support, understanding, and accommodation above and beyond!

Shannon R.


We Work With Most Insurance

We work with many insurance providers in the U.S. to help you minimize out of pocket expenses and get better faster. Please call us today to find out more.


Benefits of Our Outpatient Program in NJ

Outpatient programs are suitable for:

To work towards and maintain a sustainable recovery, most people recovering from a substance use disorder, a mental health condition, or alcohol use disorder will benefit immensely from regular support. We understand that addiction can be lonely, so we emphasize intervention and connection with others as one of the cornerstones of recovery. Our outpatient programs focus on aiding participants in creating a network of support, so they can continue to thrive as they progress through sobriety. Furthermore, the majority of insurance plans provide coverage for treatment in an outpatient program.

With our range of therapies and treatments, we tailor a personalized plan that works best for each individual client. We understand that addiction is highly individual, and as such, our program is designed to address each person’s specific needs. Our New Jersey outpatient programs include one-on-one therapy sessions, group therapy sessions, and educational workshops. We also offer other therapies like yoga, music therapy, art therapy, and mindfulness activities that can help participants stay engaged in their recovery journey.

If the idea of outpatient treatment seems like something you could benefit from, please contact us for more information. Our New Jersey addiction treatment programs are designed to help you reach and maintain sobriety while also offering the support and resources necessary to ensure long-term recovery success.

It’s important to remember that addiction is a disease—one that can be managed with proper care and attention.

Call (833) 883-9235 and talk to an expert to learn more about medically assisted detox, one-on-one therapy, family support, and relapse prevention programs.


Find Lasting Recovery at Our New Jersey Outpatient Treatment Center in Dover

Unlike some other, more intensive treatment programs offered, outpatient programs have no exact timeline. However, we do encourage people to attend at least once a week, but if sessions need to be missed due to other responsibilities, they can be rescheduled. New Jersey outpatient drug rehab programs are flexible and expertly crafted to give clients control over their recovery process. The length of sessions can also be adjusted to fit each client’s desires and requirements. If you or anyone you know is continuing their recovery from a substance use disorder, alcohol use disorder, or a mental health condition, encourage them to feel in control again with an outpatient drug rehab in New Jersey.