At the Excel Treatment Center, we are committed to hiring individuals who share our belief system. Could you be a part of The Excel Treatment Center team?

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If you answered yes to at least four of these questions, you might share the values and qualities we look for. We have several new staff positions including; leadership and medical roles, nursing positions, support worker positions, and financial roles.

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Leadership and Medical Roles

As a leading provider in New Jersey for the care of mental health disorders and substance abuse treatment, we take pride in our staff’s industry backgrounds and knowledge. Reach out today if you have relevant certifications and would like to enquire about joining our team.


Nursing positions are almost always available at the Excel Treatment Center, but we do ask that those who apply have a special interest in working in outpatient care. Contact us if this sounds like you.

Support Worker

Support worker positions are also a useful role at the Excel Treatment Center, and any relevant certifications are a huge asset. As always, we ask that those who apply for positions are qualified and have a passion for recovery.

Financial Roles

Financial roles related to accounting and admissions are occasionally needed at the Excel Treatment Center.