Dover, NJ Drug Treatment: Common Signs of Prescription Drug Abuse

More than 65% of adults in the United States take prescription medications to treat chronic conditions.

These prescriptions are often for short-term use because of dangerous side effects and addiction. Unfortunately, after refills run out, many people look for more medications to numb the pain and discomfort. Simple procedures can expose people to opioids and they may show symptoms of drug abuse. 

Read below to learn more about the signs of prescription drug abuse so you can help a loved one. 

Irritable Mood 

When people are hostile or irritable toward others, they could be displaying signs of prescription drug abuse. 

There are several reasons a person may have increased irritability. Whether they are feeling discomfort from pain or haven’t taken the meds in a while, this is a normal response. Recovery is a difficult journey, but if you approach your loved one with patience and understanding, it can help them seek help.

At the Excel Treatment Center, you can trust that your loved one won’t be in a stressful environment. The various types of treatment that Excel offers can reduce the negative stigma and become approachable. 

Manic Episodes 

Some may need prescription drug abuse treatment if they are going through manic episodes.

Depending on the moment, a person could feel energetic, motivated, and slightly intoxicated. Next, they could become irritable and angry if they realize they have run out of meds. Heightened emotions can be difficult to identify if you don’t know the person well. 

People suffering from opioid abuse tend to have a hard time keeping friends and maintaining relationships. Addicts experience trauma and dysfunction, which makes it difficult to connect with others. 

Weight Changes

It depends on the medication, but some opioids and prescriptions can make a person gain or lose weight.

Substance abuse can be a problem if you notice a loved one has been acting strangely and their weight has changed too much, too quickly. Although it’s unhealthy to put your loved one on the scale each night, pay attention to their normal weight to see if there are any sudden changes. 

Confusion & Poor Coordination

Prescription drug abuse can look a lot like someone drunk too much.

Confusion and a lack of coordination are common when people abuse prescription medications. Prescriptions that are most often abused, like opioids, can impact the brain and make people feel dizzy. This is a dangerous symptom since your loved one could fall and hurt themselves without noticing.

Can You Identify the Signs of Prescription Drug Abuse? 

Doctors write prescriptions every day, hoping they will lead to health problems but some result in abuse. 

Even prescription drugs that are meant for a person can become addictive and hard to walk away from. People with no prior addiction problems can abuse the drugs without even realizing it. Fortunately, there are signs of prescription drug abuse you can watch for. 

Be sure to check out our admissions page, the Excel Treatment Center can help people recover and live their best life yet! 

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