5 Signs You Need to Go to an Alcohol Detox Center in Dover, NJ

In New Jersey, over 3,000 people die each year as a direct result of excessive alcohol use. What’s more, the state’s five-year average annual rate of excessive alcohol deaths increased by 42.8 percent per capita between 2015 and 2019.

These statistics point to an increase in alcoholism, binge drinking, and the after-effects across The Garden State. Luckily, there are many excellent alcoholism treatment options in Dover, NJ for those struggling with alcohol. 

But what are some of the signs that an alcohol detox could be necessary? Let’s take a look. 

1. Alcohol Takes Priority

Alcohol isn’t only socially acceptable, it’s often a social expectation. This can make spotting an alcohol addiction difficult. 

But for those in the grips of addiction, alcohol takes precedence no matter what the occasion. Beyond consuming alcohol during many of their waking hours, an addict is often thinking about alcohol and looking for excuses to buy and consume it. From bad news to celebrations, nights in alone to holiday parties, alcohol will always be a priority. 

2. Negative Health Implications

Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol can lead to all kinds of long-term health problems. These include weakened immunity, cancer, liver disease, and mental health disorders such as depression. 

Prolonged alcohol use can also disrupt sleep patterns and appetite. And there’s more chance of having a serious or even fatal accident when under the influence. 

3. Neglecting Responsibilities

For many addicts, both reliance on alcohol and the effects of overconsumption make it difficult to keep up with responsibilities. As a result, alcoholism can lead to missing work deadlines and meetings, letting down family, and forgetting important dates. Alcohol and drug rehabilitation can offer a solution before this behavior gets out of hand and causes irreparable damage. 

4. Relationships Are Under Strain 

As anyone who’s had to support a loved one struggling with addiction will explain, alcoholism can take a huge toll on relationships. As alcohol becomes more of a priority, everything else falls by the wayside—including spouses, children, and parents. Alcoholics may also avoid their friends and family for fear of judgment or concern. 

The problem is, this isolation can cause a downward spiral that draws an addict further into alcohol abuse. 

5. Withdrawal Symptoms

The more a person uses alcohol, the more their body becomes dependent on it. Alcohol may even start to become a necessity to function or to stop emerging withdrawal symptoms such as shaking, headaches, and cravings. 

At this stage, enlisting the help of professionals through a detox program is a must. Once physical dependency has taken hold, attempting to detox alone can be difficult and even dangerous. 

Recognizing the Need for Alcohol Detox

As these signs show, alcoholism can impact an addict’s life in all kinds of ways. But when their addiction starts to affect their relationships, damage their health, and control their thought processes, it’s clear that an alcohol detox center is the best place for them to start their path to sobriety

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