Mental Disorders


Bipolar disorder is a complex mental health condition that involves chemical imbalances in the brain, affecting mood behavior.


Our bodies are amazing things that contain internal mechanisms to keep us safe, alive, and well.


Physical and emotional traumas you may have experienced can affect your mental health and well-being.


Depression can be dangerous because people think that they may never escape the dark cloud in their lives and often give up.


Codependency is a psychological condition that involves a person being emotionally and psychologically dependent on another person.

Sex Addiction

Sex addiction is identified separately from substance use disorder and we will focus on the area alone, although it can be connected and induced by illicit substances.

Gambling Addiction

Casinos and anyone in the gambling industry entice you to become engaged with gambling because they make money.

Body Image Disorder

In addiction treatment, body image disorders are one of many complications we see.

Mood, Grief/Loss, and Anger Management

Experiencing emotion is human, but the way in which we act on these emotions and how we choose to process them is up to us.