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Benefits of Oxycodone Addiction Treatment in Bala Cynwyd, PA

According to the Pennsylvania Attorney General, an average of 14 Pennsylvanians die daily from an overdose. The danger of opioid addiction is that these medications are obtained from sources that are in a legal grey area. They’re often stolen or bought from someone who used a prescription to buy them. 

Oxycodone addiction treatment could be the only way to steer your life on the right path and avoid complications such as liver and heart disease. You may even suffer brain damage from an oxycodone overdose. 

Here are some of the various benefits of professional treatment in Bala Cynwyd, PA. 

What is Oxycodone Addiction?

Opioids are a type of pain medication that helps patients deal with acute pain. Some of the various options include morphine, fentanyl, and oxycodone. However, a major side effect of these painkillers is that they can often prove addictive to users. 

Oxycontin, the trade name for oxycodone, is abused by individuals of all ages. As they abuse it, they will need an increasingly high dosage to achieve the same effects. Ceasing usage on your own can lead to withdrawal symptoms such as vomiting, cold flashes, and muscle pain. 

Benefits of Painkiller Addiction Treatment

It is not too late to receive help once you’ve formed an addiction. Professional addiction treatment offers a variety of options, such as medication-assisted treatment and outpatient services. It’s also a good way to focus your efforts on recovery.

Medical Support

First of all, seeking treatment for opioid use disorder means getting medical help. In particular, medication-assisted treatment means a lower risk of relapse and extended medical support over a longer period of time. 

For example, buprenorphine is often used to alleviate withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings. However, it’s only recommended for after a patient begins to experience these symptoms. A physician can help decide your dosage and explain how to use it. 

Professional Support

In addition to medicinal support, you’ll also gain access to medical professionals who can help you with withdrawal symptoms. This includes therapists and psychiatrists who will teach you coping mechanisms and address daily triggers that may lead to substance abuse. 

Focus on Recovery

Finally, pursuing painkiller addiction treatment allows you to focus on your recovery. 

Trying to quit a drug without treatment can prove exceptionally challenging. Unless you make some drastic changes in your life, then the same pain, stressors, and influences will continue to push you to self-medicate. 

You can choose between either inpatient or outpatient treatment options to best suit your situation. 

Pursue Exceptional Treatment 

Your journey to sobriety doesn’t have to be one taken alone. With the help of a professional treatment center, you can gain access to therapy and appropriate medications. Expect to see results whether you pursue medically assisted treatment, inpatient rehab, or one of your many other options. 

Excel Treatment Center is one of your best options in the Bala Cynwyd area. We treat addictions ranging from alcoholism to gambling to opioid abuse. Contact us to learn more and request a call. 

Dover, NJ Drug Treatment: Common Signs of Prescription Drug Abuse

More than 65% of adults in the United States take prescription medications to treat chronic conditions.

These prescriptions are often for short-term use because of dangerous side effects and addiction. Unfortunately, after refills run out, many people look for more medications to numb the pain and discomfort. Simple procedures can expose people to opioids and they may show symptoms of drug abuse. 

Read below to learn more about the signs of prescription drug abuse so you can help a loved one. 

Irritable Mood 

When people are hostile or irritable toward others, they could be displaying signs of prescription drug abuse. 

There are several reasons a person may have increased irritability. Whether they are feeling discomfort from pain or haven’t taken the meds in a while, this is a normal response. Recovery is a difficult journey, but if you approach your loved one with patience and understanding, it can help them seek help.

At the Excel Treatment Center, you can trust that your loved one won’t be in a stressful environment. The various types of treatment that Excel offers can reduce the negative stigma and become approachable. 

Manic Episodes 

Some may need prescription drug abuse treatment if they are going through manic episodes.

Depending on the moment, a person could feel energetic, motivated, and slightly intoxicated. Next, they could become irritable and angry if they realize they have run out of meds. Heightened emotions can be difficult to identify if you don’t know the person well. 

People suffering from opioid abuse tend to have a hard time keeping friends and maintaining relationships. Addicts experience trauma and dysfunction, which makes it difficult to connect with others. 

Weight Changes

It depends on the medication, but some opioids and prescriptions can make a person gain or lose weight.

Substance abuse can be a problem if you notice a loved one has been acting strangely and their weight has changed too much, too quickly. Although it’s unhealthy to put your loved one on the scale each night, pay attention to their normal weight to see if there are any sudden changes. 

Confusion & Poor Coordination

Prescription drug abuse can look a lot like someone drunk too much.

Confusion and a lack of coordination are common when people abuse prescription medications. Prescriptions that are most often abused, like opioids, can impact the brain and make people feel dizzy. This is a dangerous symptom since your loved one could fall and hurt themselves without noticing.

Can You Identify the Signs of Prescription Drug Abuse? 

Doctors write prescriptions every day, hoping they will lead to health problems but some result in abuse. 

Even prescription drugs that are meant for a person can become addictive and hard to walk away from. People with no prior addiction problems can abuse the drugs without even realizing it. Fortunately, there are signs of prescription drug abuse you can watch for. 

Be sure to check out our admissions page, the Excel Treatment Center can help people recover and live their best life yet! 

How to Help Someone With a Cocaine Addiction in Dover, NJ

One of the most powerful things we can do in this life is take the time to help someone in need. Drug addiction is a nefarious affliction that often leads sufferers down an increasingly rocky road. Without a helping hand, there’s no telling where it could end.

Studies suggest that 1.4 million people suffer from cocaine addiction every year. If you know someone who’s battling with cocaine addiction, you can help! Read on to find out how you could make a difference.

Understanding Cocaine Addiction

The stresses of life are many and varied, as we know all too well. Turning to illegal drugs is a common answer when seeking a little escape.

For this reason, it’s important to empathize with those who’ve turned to illicit substances for help. It might not be the best idea, but sometimes a potent change in perception can be a well-needed pardon from certain grim realities. Unfortunately, these experiences are often expensive, damaging to health, and incredibly addicting.

For these reasons and more, showing empathy towards someone showing signs of addiction is crucial. Attacking someone for indulging only serves to compound their desire to escape reality. To help, showing them that there’s a positive side to life without the aid of drugs is essential.

Professional Cocaine Treatment

Once you’ve shown yourself to be on the same side as the person suffering from an addiction, it’s time to get them real help. Oftentimes people addicted to cocaine are incapable of freeing themselves from the shackles of their crutch alone. It’s your job as a friend and fellow human being to guide them into the presence of someone with experience in addictive drug treatment.

It might be possible to aid them yourself if they’ve got exceptional self-control and are ready to change. Otherwise, navigating the murky waters of addiction is best left to the professionals, lest you mistakenly compound the problem with novice advice. Guiding an addict in the right direction is a process fraught with easily made grievous errors. 

For this reason, helping them find a drug rehab facility in your local area is a great start. A cocaine rehab center would be ideal, but any nearby organization with experience helping addicts is better than nothing. The hardest part of the ordeal is succeeding in showing the addict their life would be improved without cocaine.

Once you’ve managed that, assisting them with the steps necessary to begin the healing process can be taken one at a time.

A Helping Hand

Drug addictions are nothing to be ashamed of, and neither should they be viewed with contempt when seen in others. Life is hard, and we’re all in the same boat. Helping our fellow man to the best of our ability serves everyone in making the experience bearable.

Cocaine addiction can either be a lifelong trauma or a blip on the road to better things. With a little help, it’s possible to overcome it and live a long and happy life!

If you’ve got a friend who’s struggling with substance abuse and would like to help them recover, reach out to us today! We’d love to hear from you.

A Guide to Finding Treatment for Your Anger Problem in Bala Cynwyd, PA

Anger is a normal, healthy emotion that we all feel from time to time. But nine percent of US adults experience anger issues that make them prone to violence. 

Signs of an anger problem include lack of control, violence, and social withdrawal. Uncontrolled anger can also raise the risk of a stroke by 50 percent. And 66 percent of traffic fatalities involve aggressive driving as the result of anger. 

For those affected, anger management can help with identifying causes and controlling anger. Check out this guide to finding treatment for an anger problem in Bala Cynwyd, PA. 

How Anger Management Can Help

Many people think that anger management teaches people to suppress their anger. In reality, anger management seeks to understand the message behind the anger. This then makes emotions easier to express, but in a healthy and controlled way. 

As a result, anger management allows people to gain control of their anger and mental wellness in general. The process also helps with conflict resolution, relationships, and vocalizing needs.

It can be difficult to break out of established patterns. But managing anger in a constructive way leads to a healthier, more fulfilling life. 

Understanding Co-Occurring Disorders

Often, anger issues may be one of several co-occurring disorders. These can include anxiety, addiction, and depression.

Here, alcohol or drug abuse may have worsened anger issues. Or it could be that angry outbursts are signs of undiagnosed post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

The exact interaction between various disorders isn’t relevant. The right plan should treat all disorders as having an equal impact. This is why it’s important to seek an individualized treatment plan that focuses on the patient as a whole. 

Group vs Individual Anger Management Therapy

Anger management services can involve both individual and group therapy. Some people might prefer one or the other, while some people may combine both as part of their individual treatment plan. 

The main benefit of individual anger management is a consistent and personalized approach. That said, working as a group can be especially beneficial for those with anger problems.

Group therapy helps establish a support network, which is useful following treatment. Groups also make it easier to use role-play as a tool for practicing anger control. And hearing the experiences of others can provide new insight and inspiration. 

Ongoing Mental Wellness

The best anger management services will offer guidance for ongoing mental wellness. This often involves coping mechanisms and strategies when confronted with triggering situations.

Some therapies might promote the benefits of yoga, mindfulness, or taking deep breaths. Others might show how the mood-boosting effects of exercise can also help with anger regulation and mental health. The strategy isn’t what’s important, though. It’s more about helping individuals find their way to a calmer, healthier future. 

Finding Treatment for an Anger Problem 

Anger problems can take their toll on an individual’s health, relationships, and more. Those with difficulty controlling their anger could also be masking other co-occurring disorders. This is why finding treatment for anger issues is so important for anyone feeling out of control.  

For more information about anger management services in Bala Cynwyd, PA, contact us here at Excel Treatment Center today. 

A Guide to Your Cannabis Detox Options in Bala Cynwyd, PA

Are you suffering from a cannabis addiction? While it isn’t nearly as addictive as other harmful substances, there are still some signs of addiction to watch out for. You may find that your tolerance for it has increased or that it interferes with your life. 

The best thing to do to break the cycle of abuse is with a cannabis detox. Maybe you need to pass a drug test or want to stop spending so much on cannabis products. Either way, you’ll need some help with your addiction recovery. 

Here are some of your cannabis addiction treatment options in Bala Cynwyd, PA. 

Cannabis Detox Products

One of the first choices people jump to when looking for addiction treatment is a detox product. This may come in the form of medicine, a patch, an alternative option, or even nutritional smoothies. 

If you’re addicted to cannabis or some other substance, this may seem like a quick solution. However, detox products are often not recommended by doctors due to questions regarding their ingredients and efficacy. 

Many detox products are not regulated, and some are no different from normal vitamin supplements. If you’re looking to safely detox from cannabis, it’s best to go to a qualified treatment center where you can be under medical supervision.

Exercise and Diet

Two ways to guarantee a clean detox are an exercise regimen and a good diet. Your body naturally cleans itself out regularly, so the best way to help that along is by maintaining a healthy metabolism. 

Exercise naturally boosts your metabolism and turns medications and drugs into fluids you expel. The idea is that you’ll release all the THC in your body through excretory fluids like sweat. Make sure to drink plenty of water and avoid sugary beverages before and after you work out. 

Food that helps you burn off THC and metabolize it includes products with high fiber, high antioxidants, and lean protein. 

Fiber keeps your digestive system moving and can help with fat loss. Antioxidants boost your immune system. Lean protein is essential for good health. 

Visit a Treatment Center

The last option for anyone struggling with any addiction is to visit a treatment center near you. Contacting a drug and alcohol addiction recovery center doesn’t mean that you need to check yourself into a facility. In some cases, they can work with you from home to monitor and facilitate your recovery. 

It’s important to find a center that can prescribe medications, provide access to a licensed therapist, and connect you with others who are going through the same struggles.

If you feel like you can’t do this alone, then there’s always the option of checking yourself in for inpatient rehab. 

Get Clean the Safe Way

Even though marijuana is legal in certain states, there may be a number of reasons to try a cannabis detox. What’s important is that you avoid any miracle products that claim to solve your problem. Instead, focus on improving your body’s health so it can take care of you. 

Excel Treatment Center is here to help you start your addiction recovery. We provide services such as assessment and intervention, treatment, case management, and more. Contact us to talk to a recovery specialist and learn how we can help.