Frequently-Asked Questions


Q:  Does everyone who comes in for an assessment enter into treatment?

No.  Treatment is only recommended if it is clinically indicated.

Q:  When can I come in for an assessment?

We schedule appointments throughout the entire day and into the evening.

We can often see you on a same-day or next-day basis. Please call 973-989-7500 to schedule an appointment.

Q:  Why should I go to Excel instead of another treatment provider?

Excel is a locally-owned facility. We don’t have to make outside investors or a distant corporate headquarters happy, so we can keep treatment group sizes small and provide the individual attention each client deserves.

We’re serious about providing individualized, scientifically-based treatment. Rather than emphasizing just one or two types of treatment, we have a whole toolbox of treatment methods.

As a result, our clients feel that we listen and respect, understand, and tailor their treatment plan to their specific needs.


Q:  Does treatment work?

Yes.   Research has repeatedly demonstrated that treatment is effective.

People who engage in treatment are more likely to stop abusing drugs, use drugs less frequently and have fewer consequences associated with their drug use.

Q: Does sobriety always require detox or a 12-step program?

Definitely not. We always base each client’s treatment plan on your specific situation and needs.

For example, 12-step programs are helpful for some clients, but not a good fit for others.

Many clients do come to Excel from detox programs. However, not all drug or alcohol use is so severe that detox is necessary.

Other clients are functioning in the community but decide to seek help because their alcohol or drug use is negatively affecting their lives.

Q: Does alcohol and drug recovery always mean abstinence?

A: For many, yes. However, occasional or very limited use is possible for some clients. Each case is unique.

Q: What is medication-assisted therapy?

Medications like Vivitrol are used by some clients in combination with individual and group treatment to control cravings or feelings of reward from the use of alcohol, street drugs, or prescription drugs.

When helpful, some of our individual client treatment plans do include a medication component. However, medication-assisted therapy isn’t suitable for everyone.

Q:  Is individual therapy offered at Excel?

Yes, we offer traditional one-on-one outpatient therapy with a licensed professional counselor.  Every intensive outpatient client attends at least one individual weekly counseling session plus their core group therapy.

Paying for Treatment

Q:  Does insurance cover my treatment?

Yes, most insurance companies will cover intensive outpatient programs (IOP) and other outpatient substance abuse and mental health treatment.

Q:  Can I come to Excel if I do not have insurance?

Yes. We’ll provide a complete self-pay fee schedule during your initial assessment. As of January 1, 2017, self-pay rates include:

  • Initial assessment $150
  • Psychiatric evaluation $250
  • Individual treatment and counseling $65/hour
  • Adult intensive outpatient program $100/contact-day

We accept all major credit cards.

 Q:  Does Excel accept Medicaid/Medicare?

We accept most major insurance. However, we do not accept Medicaid or Medicare. Here’s a list of northern New Jersey providers who accept Medicaid and Medicare.