Q:  Does treatment work?

A:  Yes.   Research has repeatedly demonstrated that treatment is effective.  People who engage in treatment are more likely to stop abusing drugs, use drugs less frequently and have fewer consequences associated with their drug use.

Q:  Why should I go to Excel instead of another treatment provider?

A:  Excel is a small, privately owned facility.  We do not have to answer to investors or other stakeholders like larger providers may have to.  Therefore, we are able to focus on delivering outstanding client care in a cozy, intimate warm environment without the extreme financial considerations larger providers may have to contend with. This also allows us to keep our group sizes small which is vital in making sure our clients get the attention they deserve. 

Q:  Does insurance cover my treatment?

A:  Yes, most insurance companies will cover Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient substance abuse and mental health treatment.  Excel participants with most major insurance carriers.  We work with the client and their families to help make any uncovered expenses as affordable as possible. 

Q:  Can I come to Excel if I do not have insurance?

A: Yes.  For those who do not have insurance, we offer highly competitive self pay rates for assessment and treatment.  The cost of an initial assessment is $150 and rates for ongoing treatment, if needed, are very reasonable. 

Q:  When can I come in for an assessment?

A:  Excel understands that people have hectic schedules.  Therefore, we schedule appointments throughout the course of the entire day and well into the evening. Appointments are scheduled as soon as the next day. Please call 973-989-7500 to schedule an appointment. 

Q:  Is individual therapy offered at Excel?

A:  Yes, Excel offers traditional outpatient therapy with a licensed professional counselor.  In addition every IOP client is seen at least once week for an individual counseling session in addition to their core group therapy. 

 Q:  Does Excel accept Medicaid/Medicare?

A:  No, Excel does not accept Medicaid or Medicare but will be happy to refer you to a provider who accepts this insurance.

Q:  Does everyone who goes for an assessment enter into treatment?

A:  No.  Treatment is only recommended if it is clinically indicated.