Alcohol & Substance Abuse Treatment

Individual and group treatment for teens and adults

We offer a full range of individual and group alcohol and substance abuse treatment options. You’ll find help here, from dealing with social drinking that sometimes gets out of hand to recurring alcohol and substance abuse in the presence of issues like bipolar disorder or depression.

We tailor our treatment to your individual needs, with extended appointment hours and affordable fees.

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Individual Alcohol & Substance Disorder Treatment

For adolescents, we offer one-on-one alcohol and substance abuse treatment tailored to each client’s specific needs, including age, family, social, emotional, behavioral, academic and medical considerations. We strongly encourage family participation in the treatment process.

More about services for children and teens.

For adults, one-on-one treatment is often the best choice if you occasionally misuse alcohol or other substances — for example, in response to stressful situations.

Individualized relapse prevention counseling can also help you maintain your sobriety on an ongoing basis.

More about our services for young adults transitioning to independence and clients in midlife.

Adult Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Intensive, highly-structured outpatient treatment which combines group and individual therapy is an effective treatment strategy supported by extensive research.

Inpatient rehab is not necessary or practical for many adults with alcohol or drug addiction or substance abuse disorders.

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is covered by most insurance. It lets you continue to live, work and go to school in our community while receiving comprehensive, individualized treatment for your alcohol or substance abuse disorder.

You’ll receive at least 9 hours of treatment every week, usually for 6-10 weeks. The Intensive Outpatient Program generally includes:

  • Group therapy — 3 hours per day, 3 days per week
  • Individual one-on-one counseling — 1 hour/week or more
  • Weekly drug urinalysis testing
  • Private family counseling, 1 session/month or more
  • Weekly yoga and meditation/mindfulness classes, including horticultural therapy
  • Psychiatric consultation when medication-assisted treatment is helpful (ex: co-occurring disorders like chronic depression)
  • Suboxone/Vivitrol treatment for alcohol and drug addiction where helpful

Adult Relapse Prevention Program

Are you transitioning from an Intensive Outpatient Program or inpatient detox, rehab, or treatment?

Our structured Relapse Prevention Program combines group and individual therapy to help you stay sober.  It’s useful if:

  • You’re coming to the end of your inpatient or outpatient treatment and want extra support as you return to your “new normal”
  • You struggle sometimes to stay sober or handle your alcohol and drug use, but don’t need a highly-structured intensive treatment plan

This program includes:

  • Weekly group therapy
  • Weekly individual counseling
  • Weekly drug urinalysis